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Posh nosh

As I was sitting, slurping down that bowl of Pho I blogged up at the weekend I noticed the restaurant on the opposite side of the road - Nam Phan. It's posh, very posh. I reviewed it for the June/July edition of Asia's classiest food & travel mag Destinasian Magazine. Here's what I had to say back then,

The swish suburban Euro-Zen of Nam Phan restaurant struts some serious cool in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1. Opened in February 2003, this two-story, 1920's French colonial villa has emerged after a three-month renovation to become the snazziest - and most expensive - Vietnamese eatery in town. Owned and designed by local entrepeneur Huong Khai - of KhaiSilk and Au Manoir fame - Nam Phan is awash in raw silks and silver laquerware, its walls hung with reproductions of Cham-era bas-reliefs. Subdued but attentive waiters are a welcome attraction in a city blighted by indifferent service; dressed in golden-brown silk tunics, they deliver cocktails with a flourish and a lotus flower. While classical Vietnamese dishes are the touchstone here, 30 year-old chef Tran Van Thanh takes measured liberties with tradition: his spring rolls (cha gio) are deep-fried parcels of seafood and chicken, forgoing the standard fillings of minced pork or crab meat; crispy-fried soft shell crabs (cua lot tam hat de) are dressed in a tempura-like batter and served alongside deep-fried slivers of chestnut in a lemon mayonnaise; and ducks' tongues (huoi vit rang muoi di) are marinated in a herb-laced oyster sauce before being stir-fried with diced chili, garlic, and spring onions and served atop a watercress garnish. Popular with the city's young and smart business set, Nam Phan's 120 seats require booking well in advance - which, for a city that venerates its food, is high praise indeed.
64 Le Thanh Ton Street

View the business card. Like what you read? Like the blog? Hire me...


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the khaiSilk group, apparently, is using your little review of Nam Phan as their media release. (quite apparently too, since the media release lies in front of me as i types this)
it seems that they have taken the liberty to cut it, leaving out some parts in the original article. well, at least that's what i hope. because if it's the eds at Destinasia who did this, they should close shop--one of the resultant lines reads like this: "subdued but attentive waiters are a welcome attraction in a city blighted by different cocktails with a flourish of a lotus flower."
thought you might like to know.

Thanks I appreciate you telling me.

Can't say I'm shocked about their use of the review or their ability to bollocks up the editing. Khaisilk are so cheap and low grade.

Did they credit my name and Destinasian? If not, they'll be getting a phone call when I'm back in town.

The Destinasian editor is excellent by the way.

Maybe they are just do not know about our practices about copy right and use of review. I am in Vietnam now and have seen this kind of abuse many times. It is likely that they also have no law to prohibit this

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