Gas Street

If you're like me, you too may have stumbled across this stall at 14 Truong Dinh Street in District 1 outside the mega-popular Thanh Mai Bun Moc restaurant, bent down for a closer look, scratched your head a bit and thought, "Hmmm...? What the hell's that? Wonder if I can eat it...? Hmmm...?? I think I can." Spying the jackfruit segments on the right and vaguely remembering the comments of reader Ha back in March I eventually deduce that these chalky looking specimens could well be jackfruit seeds. Somewhat worryingly Ha told us, "They taste good but also will make you fart all day!" With this in mind, I keep my purchase to a manageable 2,000VD sample bag.

With hindsight and - if I'm being honest - one or two window opening moments behind me, I'd say a 1,000VD bag may well be the more sociable way to go. This is called hot mit. Make you sure you peel the inedible shell to access the boiled and slightly dry kernel. It's not fruity, it's on the savoury side and it's not all that tasty. It brings to mind previous root finds, but on balance I think the flesh of the mighty jackfruit is a far more interesting nibble if it's snack mode you're in. There are a few more snaps from the stall here.

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Three desserts from the previous post. Made of what? 'n' what they called, huh? Not the faintest here, if you're on your hols, have a big one. We will.