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soul-surferPosting will be sporadic at best for a wee while. If you’re new here, hit the google bar in the left hand column to search the archives. If you’re an oldie, and even if you’re not, click an ad or two to help keep pieman in pies. I’ve been promised some blindin’ food over the coming weeks from various spots around the planet and I will blog up a ‘best of’ upon my return. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with another in the noodlepie multimedia takeaway series. This time we hit the beach with - ‘Surfin’ Saves Soul’ - a 2 minute long, 4.7MB, MP3 recorded in Rugby, England in 1996. Written by a younger pieman, ‘Surfin’ Saves Soul’ features performances from members of three of the greatest bands to ever come out of the UK - Spacemen 3, Guaranteed Ugly, Free Love Babies & also Spiritualized. The harmonies, thumps, scratches & bumps sure shook the UK summertime charts circa ’96. Listen, reverberate & shake your tambourine to the sunshine beats of summer wherever you are. Peace et Bon appetite to you all. See you soon. xxx

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Get stuffed - Hanoi

13-lo-duc-pho-bowlsI occasionally whitter on about various dishes, stalls and restaurants up the road in Hanoi. The last time I visited was in December, 2003 before going on a blisteringly quick zip down south for Destinasian Magazine with ace photographer and friend, Justin Guariglia. I'm hardly 'in the know' on the Hanoi food scene these days. However, I've been promising a few folk that I would blog up a guide to Hanoi grub which I compiled from jottings in 2001. It's the latest in the multimedia noodlepie takeaway series. It's very rough, no pics, just note form really. Click here to download your copy of 'Get Stuffed'. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view it.

Highlights for pieman include:13-lo-duc-front

Pho Bo at 13 Lo Duc street
KY-Y Japanese restaurant
Bo Tung Xeo on Mac Dinh Chi street
Seafood on To Hien Thanh street
Street chicken

They were still serving pho at 13 Lo Duc street last December - that's a scrummy looking coupla bowls from Lo Duc above... Yum... As for everything else in 'Get Stuffed'?? - you tell me. If somewhere has disappeared or if you know better places. Please post a comment.

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Stall 1006 - Banh Cuon


Banh cuon is a northern dish, and to my tastes it's one of the better ones. It's an occasional find on the streets of Saigon. There are two sellers floggin' this stuffed rice film pancake on Ben Thanh market and it's stall 1006 I go back to again and again. Banh Cuon hails from Thanh Tri district just outside Hanoi and it sounds simple enough; mashed up minced pork, mushrooms and prawns wrapped in a flimsy rice film. It comes served with sliced cucumber, cha lua (mortadella), beansprouts, sprinkled with deep-fried shallots and chopped mint with a nuoc mam (fish sauce) dip. You'll need a delicate touch to replicate this dish in your skullery.


You'll also need a steamer, a ladle and a bucket of ready made rice flour mixed with water. A ladle full of the white mixture is spread across the skillet of the steamer covering the surface. It's then covered for 30 seconds or so. So far so good. The tricky bit is the transfer of the cooked noodle pancake onto a clear surface to stuff with the meat. Tricky to explain, a bugger to do yourself. So, in a noodlepie first I shot a short, dial-up friendly lo-fi film of the making of Banh Cuon on Ben Thanh market. Quality's not great, but click here to see a 1 minute 19 seconds clip (1.8MB) - I think you'll need the Apple Quicktime plug-in to view it properly. The chef here is slick - I'm sure I'd get through several buckets of rice flour before I had anything approaching edible - the Banh Cuon process would be great fodder for an oriental edition of the Generation Game.


The dish itself is one of the lightest on the Vietnamese menu. In the north it's a breakfast dish, but there's something about thin rice flour pancakes which doesn't appeal to me first thing in the morning. I need a few hours before I can attack anything gloppy and rice based. Having said that, in Hanoi I would often grab this as an after dark snack at a street stall opposite Hang Da market in the old quarter, so it's not only early northern birds who can enjoy this countrywide. It's a bargain at 8,000VD a throw. And one of the must-try's at bonkers-good Ben Thanh market food hall.

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Noodlepie takeaway

Takeaway image manhandled from Sea Shell of Lisson Grove

Starting today, in the first of an occasional takeaway series, noodlepie brings you exclusive MPfree listening guaranteed to rock your wok, simmer your soup and baste your bird. Fresh from the swingin' streets of smalltown England - pan handlers, street snack stalkers, offal grinders and stir fry shufflers the blogosphere over - please put your hands together for... The Shift as they perform their smash, surf 'n' sitar hymn to the Pacific rim - Hit the East (6.8MB)

Take your takeaway away please... Pieman is enjoying the "Liberation" Day & Labour Day holidays wok boarding various escalators in Saigon. Back Tuesday.

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