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4 - Pho 2000


Any restaurant calling itself Pho, or anything else for that matter, 2000 is asking for trouble. I mean would you be tempted by a restaurant called 'Cheeseburger 1982' -  No, I didn't  think so. However, this restaurant - the brainchild of Viet kieu - Huynh Trung Tan - is apparently the first of many that followed in the US. So that shows just how much I know about naming successful restaurants. There's a Pho 2000 in Los Angeles and one in Denver and there's at least 3 of the beasts here in Vietnam. I'd been avoiding this one as I tried it a couple of years ago, found it bland and got fed up with the hassle from shoeshiners and sellers marauding the perimeter window tables. Two years later I remembered to get a seat away from the 'window' seats, avoid the grief and concentrate on the soup.


This clean, airy - almost American style fast food diner - is located on a prime plot of land at 1-3 Phan Chu Trinh street in District 1. No less than 7 rave press reviews adorn the walls and umpteen snaps of Bill Clinton, who stopped by for a slurp in, you guessed it, the year 2000. As I have mentioned before pho restaurants that serve more than just pho awake my suspicions and Pho 2000 serves quite a variety of dishes. The fact that this place is also on the tour itineraries of at least one tour company doesn't add any pre-pho slurp confidence. But, hey - let's bin the bias and tuck in.


I opted for a Pho Chin (cooked beef brisket) and a Cha Da (Iced Vietnamese tea) - 18,000VD the lot. The herb selection was a wee bit paltry, but all the essentials for satis-pho-ction were there. The big plus about Pho 2000 is the beef. It's as tender as any I have had in Vietnam and in a different league from your average pho joint. The soup itself is pretty light, the asian aromas that blow fragrantly from chief rivals Pho 24 are not as present here. That said, the soup is a quality broth. However, noodle overload does not go down well with the pieman and especially when those noodles are of the wide, flat variety. Ease off. I wasn't so keen on the plastic wrappers for the chopsticks and the spoons either. If you're gonna lift pho off the street and give it some kind of class, don't insult it with unnecessary cheap table junk or just do it better - a la Pho 24.


Pickiness aside, Pho 2000 surprised me. I wanted to dislike this McPho of pho-land, but I didn't. It's a solid pho experience, just lacking that extra oomph in the broth department to really distinguish it from the pack. However, the sheer quality of the beef will draw me back again and next time it'll be the Pho Tai (raw beef) I'll try. View the business card.


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Looks like something i will have on colder days:)

Have you tried vietnamese dry-tossed wonton noodles, pork rib noodles and hotpot(seafood in broth normally eaten with rice or noodles)?Those were the few dishes i had ordered at the restaurant and they tasted really good. I heard their curries are very yummy too.

Sorry for long delay Min... in the very vain hope that you will ever check this again. The answer to your question is 'No'. But thanks for the tip, I will. The dry-tossed wonton noodles sound like justt he thing before a session at the market. Cheers:)

*** PLEASE NOTE - the relationship between the two different PHO 2000 businesses. PHO 2000 - USA - IS NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED/AFFILIATED WITH THE PHO BUSINESS IN VIET NAM. We are a Corporation that have been in business for over 5 years and operate solely in the United States, whereas; PHO 2000 - VN- is probably a family run and owned business. All PHO 2000 - USA - locations operate on high standards and have continued to serve and satisfied many new/loyal patrons. ***

What's wrong with wider and flatter noodles? Sometimes I feel that some pho broths tend to be a little heavier than pork broth and I find that slightly bigger noodles can stand up to a beef broth. The smaller or "original" size can balloon up in the broth if not eaten fast enough. Just an opinion of course

BTW, Pho 2K USA... well.. bleth! Enuf said.

Hi all,

It's been some time since we've revisited this post. We are not positive as to what "bleth" means, but we do appreciate all feedbacks and comments. If you could elaborate your experience during your visit to one of our Pho 2000 location, we will do our best to satisfy our patrons. Thank you.

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