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Street & savoury


After a morning constitutional down at Saigon zoo I clocked this frying pan on the pavement at 25 Nguyen Binh Khiem street. Certainly looks appetising enough, but what the hell is it?


Turns out for 1,000VD you can walk away with a bag of deep-fried mashed sweet potato bites - Khoai My. Doused in chili and pepper, they're a spicy street-snack must try, but they're not the full morning munch-monty. You'll be needing your dessert for that.


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Great site! I was just enjoying the pictures of pho that you have here. Nice to know that it's so inexpensive in Vietnam! I was gasping over the prices! Here in Hawaii we pay a lot more. A bowl of good tasting pho is about US$6.50, which I guess would be 104,795VD!!! if I got the conversion correct! What I would give to sample some of the treats here! Keep up the good work!

Wow I just came across your site. I'm really not a foodie but I spent two months in Vietnam last year and really fell in love with the country.

It is my most favourite place in all the world.

I will pop by again.

In the meantime I better add you to my links.

Cheers. And it's even cheaper up north. A bowl of Pho in the north is generally around half the price of Saigon. Saigon Pho tends to be around the 10,000VD mark, 5,000VD in Hanoi. At the Pho 24 restaurant you're paying through the nose for pleasant surroundings, however the Pho is top notch too - which is nice.

Excellent site PieMan! Glad to have found it. Would like to make a correction. Sweet potatoes are "khoai lang" NOT "khoai my". The latter is tapioca root.

Picky Viet :)

nhin` ngon thiet ma` thay' nong' wa' noi^ mun

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