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IMBB 5 - Best of the burnt


If you like to cook with fish and haven't already steamed, fried and pureed your way through submissions for the 5th edition of 'Is my blog burning?' I suggest you take a peek here. After much deliberation & drooling, the noodlepie recommendations for top cooking from IMBB no.5 are as follows:

1. Keep it simple - Simple grilled fish à ma façon from Chez Pim
2. Fish beautiful fish - Red Emperor Nabe with a 3 fish ceviche from Spiceblog
3. Got 72 hours spare? - Misoyaki Butterfish from Ono Kine Grindz
4. Culinary Cephalopods - Stuffed squid, Neopolitan style from Il Forno
5. Simply a classic - Bouillabaisse from Memory and Desire

Image nicked from La Roche Creative


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Comments ya eel dish....looks good....

Why thank you Graham. What an honor! You really should try it sometimes, it really couldn't be simpler.

Your eel and all that beautiful roes look quite fabulous as well. I'd love to have a bowl.



Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. It's not as good as you make it out to be. I'd be more interested in cooking the dish you had to show...I'm just a bit squeemish when it comes to disecting fish...especially if they have that much roe in them.

Thanks again!

Indeed! Many thanks, Graham! I find I can't look at noodlepie too often as I get too hungry staring at all the delectable photographs...

sending cheers from San Francisco...

I think all these dishes looked and 'tasted' great. Thing is it's just one guy's opinion, and someone with zero cooking credentials to his name to boot.

However, if everyone who enters IMBB blogged up their own top 5 then a kind of a burnt blog voting system might mean something more, not much maybe.. As it is, your dishes are the best of the bunch... in my opinion.


You're too hard on yourself and to kind to me. I'm honoured given the competition, will use it as an excuse to have a few beers and feel inspired to further efforts.

Thank You and cheers


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