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Blog links

I keep noodlepie's blog roll food-centric, but I do have other interests including blogs in general, the power of blogging, blogging for cash or the 'progressive blog movement' or whatever it's being called this week these pages will help keep you abreast of changes:

Jeff Jarvis updates Buzzmachine several times a day with great links and comment. He also relates his own experience near the WTC building in NYC on the morning of September 11 in an audio posting in the right hand column.
I've mentioned Hugh Macleod's stupidly good cartoons over at Gapingvoid before, but he's not just an artist. He provides some fascinating thoughts on the future of blogging too.
Blogs make cash with blogads. If only I had a zillion readers... and wealthy sponsors...
The business of blogs and blogging for business with Rick Brunner's business blog consulting
A blogger giving voice and blog-thought from street level at Chocolate & Vodka
Rafat Ali, the godfather of paid blogging, is at Paidcontent
And for radio lovers, this weekly tech-trends show is downloadable at Webtalkguys. Always something interesting and the first thing I crank up on a Monday morning.


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Weird. Gapingvoid is asking me to download something to view. Forget it. And Chocolate and Vodka doesn't open for me. What's up with that?

Just curious - have you another blog for non-food related posts?

Temporary glitch here maybe? Gaping Void has had 'issues' recently, but bear with it. I haven't had a problem with his site for weeks now. Choc 'n' vodka works fine.

No other blogs, no time... Although there might be something later in the year. Paid too... fingers crossed.

Hope you'll keep us posted if and when you do start up another blog!

Thank you!w

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