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Get stuffed - Hanoi

13-lo-duc-pho-bowlsI occasionally whitter on about various dishes, stalls and restaurants up the road in Hanoi. The last time I visited was in December, 2003 before going on a blisteringly quick zip down south for Destinasian Magazine with ace photographer and friend, Justin Guariglia. I'm hardly 'in the know' on the Hanoi food scene these days. However, I've been promising a few folk that I would blog up a guide to Hanoi grub which I compiled from jottings in 2001. It's the latest in the multimedia noodlepie takeaway series. It's very rough, no pics, just note form really. Click here to download your copy of 'Get Stuffed'. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view it.

Highlights include:13-lo-duc-front

Pho Bo at 13 Lo Duc street
KY-Y Japanese restaurant
Bo Tung Xeo on Mac Dinh Chi street
Seafood on To Hien Thanh street
Street chicken

They were still serving pho at 13 Lo Duc street last December - that's a scrummy looking coupla bowls from Lo Duc above... Yum... As for everything else in 'Get Stuffed'?? - you tell me. If somewhere has disappeared or if you know better places. Please post a comment.


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Love Get Stuffed, moving to Hanoi in October so I'll work through them and see what's hot.

I was born in Dist 6., left Viet Nam at age 13. I have been dreaming to go back there, just to taste the food again.

Your documentation of street food of VN is excellent, especially with pictures, they really meant more than 10.000 words. I have never run into something like this much of info before, and I will sure pass this webpage around. Keep up the good work, I will be back reading them. Make me very hungry, miss home....

Take care.

Thanks for your kind words Kevin. Glad you find the blog useful.

yes very informative for people....Great picture...

Be careful your not eating dog meat...ruff stuff

Hi, good job mate, your blog is really good and useful for whoever reads it, and makes me feel so hungry just by looking at pics. Well done !!!
i also looked through another new blog called which is also really good. this is about food in Hanoi that you should take a quick look through.
I also want to thank you for mentioning my blog - that i got quite a few comments and make me feel great. Cheers mate!!!

I have finally made it back to Vietnam in August of 2005. Ate alot of food while I was there of course, and I've brought back many pictures of the South, not a whole lot picture of food though. I would like to share it here at Noodlepie, hope you readers like it. Keep up this site.

I will be in Hanoi at the beginning of July. I arrive in Hanoi at 9:45pm and will probably not get to my hotel, Sofitel Metropole, until 11pm. Are there any late dining restaurants, stalls, any type of street food you could recommend at that time? Love your blog!

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