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Pizza Pizza Pizza


There's two things you will never find inside a pizza box destined for Pieman towers - fruit or fish. Please don't desecrate my dough. Pineapple, squid, anchovies, clams, shrimps, sardines, tuna or anything else oceanic or fruitarian is all fine - elsewhere. On the holy trinity - dough, mozzarella and tomato - leave it out. Fortunately, Cappuccino Ristorante, at 86 Bui Vien street in District 1 & 39 Vo Vuong Toan street in District 2, have a whopping great 34 pizzas to choose from on their enormo-delivery menu which boasts a staggering 321 different dishes plus drinks. Surely that's a record for Saigon?


In my experience, bagging a decent pizza in Saigon has been more miss than hit. These guys churn out the best I've found thus far. Tonight we're talking Pizza Chorizo, No. 98 on the menu. Pasted in among the mozzarella are bell peppers, chorizo and olives. Cappuccino pizzas normally arrive slightly moist and greasy on the surface, which I like. For some reason tonight's was dry. I do like my pizza with a burnt underbelly. Hint of char adds a scofftacular harshness to the cheese and other toppings. Simple seems to work better than all-singing-all-dancing pizzas in Vietnam. I was a fan of this joint's Pizza Mexico, No. 88. It came oozing with Chill con carne, bell pepper, onion and served with salsa, guacamole & sour cream on the side. Fab, fat scoff, but you should be able to turn a good pizza over with none of your topping heading southwards. Try that with a Pizza Mexico and you'll end up with your breadbase in one hand and something resembling a placenta splat down below.


Cappuccino opened its first branch in 1992. In among the other elements of their extensive menu are burgers, cassoulet, moussaka, couscous, paella, Swiss specialitiies, Tex-Mex, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Pretty much all bases covered there then. You get one piece of 'seasonal fruit' free with every order - bananas appear to be in season year round. Order a large pizza and you also get a free Coca Cola. This (large) Pizza Chorizo will set you back 61,000VD or around $4 including delivery, although a tip is polite for your motorbike boy. The most expensive pizza on the menu is a Pizza Pepperoni for 71,000VD. One last hint - There are two phone numbers for Cappuccino. If you don't speak Vietnamese, use this number only (Tel: 089203134). Never had to repeat anything to this guy. Not only the best pizza I've found here, but the best English speaking telephone delivery service.


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Thanks for the heads up. Pizza in Saigon has been such a disappointment (we've tried Ciao Cafe, Chez Guido, Annie's Pizza, La Marine - which was actually not bad, the joint at Diamond Plaza food court, and Pomodoro) that I started making my own. As a matter of fact, tonight is pizza night here. Wonder if mine would pass the test...probably not! haha Well, the hubby likes it and that's all that counts.

Wait, you'll let people put Mexican food all over your pizza, but you won't go for the pineapple-and-Canadian-bacon classic? We differ, my friend. We differ. :-)

Canadian Bacon I can live with, but don't talk to me about pineapple on pizzas. It's most distressing.

The best pizza I've found in Saigon is at Pizza Roma. It's a hole in the wall at 66B Cach Mang Thang Tam near Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.
It's part of the forgettable Pizza Monaco on Pasteur but the pizza at Roma is much better.

The best pizza I've found in Saigon is at Pizza Roma. It's a hole in the wall at 66B Cach Mang Thang Tam near Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.
It's part of the forgettable Pizza Monaco on Pasteur but the pizza at Roma is much better.

Yeah, I've seen that place. I even dropped by to ask if they delivered a year or more ago, but they wouldn't go as far as Pieman Towers... oh well.

It's the Cha ca that's the draw on that street for me I must say.

Damn. I live in NYC and I have to repeat stuff to the delivery guys all the damn time.

Just tried the Mexican pizza today and it was very tasty. The crust is still verges on soggy cardboard, though, so I think I will continue to make my own. Have you tried the gnocchi with pumpkin on their menu? I think that's tasty too.

Al Fresco's serves decent pizza. It's near the Sheraton Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, very nice atmoshpere. But probably the best thing about it is that it serves Mexican food too, and the quesadillas and fajitas are excellent. Did I mention the pizza's pretty good too. Oh, and if you order on Tuesday, it's buy one get one free.

Da Vinci's Pizza has a fantastic authentic pizza. They are just over the bridge in district 4. Seems a bit far off, but they have quick delivery to downtown and phu my hung.

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