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Buy a brick


Much as I like spending time scoffing on the street, I'm glad I don't have to live on it too. KOTO restaurant, a registered Australian charity, in Hanoi helps train street kids and disadvantaged youth get off the street, get their shit together and a career path lined up in front of them. But, they have to move premises and they need cash. A whopping great $80,000 to be exact. Fellow blogger Our Man in Hanoi is on the case, but he needs help:

"We're developing a scheme whereby people can buy bricks in the new building. If you're an ex-pat then buy a brick as a permanent reminder of your time here. If you've never even visited then buy a brick and then resolve to come and see it. If you just want to play a real part in changing a street kid's life for the better -then buy a brick. They're $50 each."

Now here's where you guys come in. If you have a blog, I'd be grateful if you could copy and paste this post onto your blog page and encourage your blogrollers to do the same. That's a whole lot more eyes with wallets and credit cards than come to Noodlepie and Our Man in Hanoi combined. You could always buy a brick too. Personally, I can't think of a more ethically sound Christmas present to stuff in your nearest and dearest's stocking. Great for foodies and I can vouch for the scoff at KOTO too. These streetkids know their nosh. Well tasty.


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Pieman, good on you for plugging for KOTO, a very worthy cause (and lovely food as well). I've just pledged $$$ for 2 bricks, one each for myself and my partner in nosh. For anyone reading this, they'll take payment just about any old way --- if you're a Saigon expat a rep will be in town next month and can collect your contribution in cash.


Likewise Ecr. Noodlegirl and the Toad will be getting one each. Noodlegirl might prefer Chanel No. 5, but not this year... There'll be more info on the KOTO website this week or next I've been told. Including a form to download.


i'll buy a brick. maybe i'll get to saigon when you take over my beachside flat :-)

i'll cute and paste this post on both my blogs.

can you still buy a brick ? Im having a lot of trouble finding out, and also downloading the form etc..I will be in Hanoi late July ??

You be best off contacting Our Man in Hanoi. I'm sure he'll put you right.

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