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Banana barbie


The smallest stall on the market is run by one of the oldest sellers. Sympathy is what brings me to her banana barbie. Her neighbours have put the squeeze on her basement level banana grill. It fills a thin crack between a veggie vendor to her right and a heaving stall stuffed with fish sauce, mini bags of mam tom, packs of instant noodles, rounds of rice paper, jars of spices, pasta, grains and bowls of pickled cabbage to her left. However, she's the only banana burner in the lane and the locals are bananas about her bananas. Most buyers 'book' their 'nana before they go off and collect the day's kitchen needs from the other stalls.


She sells Chuoi nuong (Raw grilled finger banana) 1,000VD and Chuoi nep nuong (Grilled finger  banana wrapped in rice and banana leaf) 2-3000VD. The wrapped chaps on the right above are all booked solid throughout the morning. We have to settle for the cheaper standard burnt banana. It's a sweet, soft, snack snip with a charred exterior and a warm core. Splendid.


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Wow, grilled finger bananas. I would absolutely love to taste one of those. I love bananas prepared in any way. It's delicious-looking enough to make me want to start up the grill in winter!


Hi Noodlepie,

Those look really good! I'm sure they taste really good hot off the grill. Too bad you couldn't get one of those rice wrapped beauties.

Hi Noodlepie,

Those bananas look really good! Do you know if they taste slightly tart? Those look like waht we call "apple" bananas here. Too bad you couldn't get one of those rice wrapped beauties. I'm sure they would have been really good!

Hi Noodlepie, me too. I cannot resist grilled bananas. Have you been to Chiangmai? They have the widest repertoire of banana street food... grilled bananas like the ones above, cooked in prata, steamed, little pancakes.... and when you leave, you buy home packets of the whole dried bananas or banana chips.

Hi all.

These can be slightly tart as I remember. I actually had these a couple of weeks ago. But I do prefer the rice ones... if they don't get nabbed beforehand. I've seen the Thai ones, but I've never tried them. Next time I'm in Chiang Mai I will endeavour to scoff your suggestions. I love bananas, but they do give me indigestion and totally psychedelic dreams if I eat them late on.

Grilled finger banana wrapped in rice and banana leaf is the most terrific desert I ever had. I grew up with it so I do know what i'm talking about. I really miss it. You may be able to find it frozen in some of the Vietnamese supermarkets here in the U.S. but the taste is not even close.

Banana lady has the 'don't take my photo, you're stealing my soul' look about her. I vaguely remember grilled bananas as a kid, they were scrum-didly-umtious.

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