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Black brew


This is one of two stalls flogging Che (Sweet desserts) and tipples on the local market. From her front of house scoffstall, with its array of large stainless steel bowls, she does a very brisk takeaway trade. To her right she has a selection of pre-prepared bags. The white ones are sweetened coconut milk, the black chaps are Nuoc dau den (Black bean juice). She also has bags of Che ready to go. What's handy with stalls like this is you can order what you want and go scoff someplace else (say, the Bun thit nuong stall for example) and she'll deliver the goods to you.


We've ploughed a path though several other Vietnamese streets drinks over the months and I've tried many more non-blogged ones, but I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that this is the first time I've ever tried the excellent Nuoc dau den. From what I can gather it's just black bean juice, water and sugar. Earthy, refreshing and a thirst slakin' must try, I'd say. And at 1000VD for each healthy slug, you'd be a fool not to. I lurvvve my Mia da and Rau ma, but this is a great new addition to the hot weather slurp list. I'll certainly be back for more of this.


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Hi Noodlepie,

This sounds interesting. Is it sweet like sugarcane juice?

Looks like some herbal drink.. i used to have .. when i was back home in singapore.. but i can't remember the name now.. :(

Similar to sugarcane Reid, more earthy, less sweet, but just as refreshing.

Hi Graham, I think there is a little typo mistake(I think)in the above article. Nuoc do den (Black bean juice, must be called Nuoc Dau Den, not Do Den. By the way, this is very interesting site I just found on the internet.

You're absolutely right... and i knew that one... Dau means bean. AHHH. Cheers.

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